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Our Story

In just 13 days, Poonam Maini’s life changed forever. Three days before her eighteenth birthday, she learned about her arranged marriage. Ten days later, they were married. After surviving 18 years of abuse by her husband, she liberated herself and her children, and built an empire out of the rubble of her past.


Poonam thrived when she had the chance to live authentically – free from cultural limitations, abuse and an artificial life. Share Care Global was born out of Poonam’s search to love unconditionally, without fear and with her whole heart, and inspired by the need to help others live their most authentic lives. Though poverty and illiteracy are global issues, India is home to some of the toughest statistics. Each day, 195 million people go hungry in India, and 3,000 children die from nutrition-related illnesses. Nearly 17% of the world’s adult population is still not literate, and two thirds of those individuals are women. Poonam set out to make a difference.

“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good
is the greatest creed.” - President Woodrow Wilson

Our Mission

Our Mission

In 2017 and 2018, Share Care Global served thousands of nutritious meals in Poonam’s home village of Garhdiwala. The Share Care Global facility is the first of its kind in that region, serving two hot meals a day, every day.


In 2018 we focused on offering healthcare and educational services to women and children in the community. “By teaching women and children how to live independently, we allow them to eventually become givers where once they had nothing to give,” said Poonam.

Plans for 2019 and beyond include much-needed renovations for the dilapidated classrooms so they can be an adequate environment for learning to take place. Teaching children a love of learning includes providing a place where they can feel safe and excited to learn.  Another focus is to provide the children with a playground for recreation, as they currently have only a small dirt area in which to play. 

Our Vision

The world needs saving, and Poonam believes we can do it together. Join her and the Share Care Global team this October for the third annual fundraising gala – An Evening in India. Your participation will enable Share Care Global to deliver life-changing assistance to those in need – one person at a time.


Contact the Share Care Global team today to become a sponsor and help us take action!

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